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Background Check

Know Who You’re Dealing With

Nothing can be more detrimental to your Arlington or DFW business’s success than hiring the wrong person.

Similarly, a lot is at stake when bringing a new person into a personal relationship, the protection of your assets and the safety of your employees, clients, customers and, most importantly, yourself.

Don’t risk the success of your business

Come to Alliance Investigations and rest assured knowing that the history of whoever you’re researching will be fully vetted through the scrutiny of our in-depth background checks.

Pre-employment investigations and background checks

Trust Alliance Investigations with pre-employment investigations and background checks if you are a business owner, daycare service, landlord, individual or other entity requiring a thorough report of a business or personal prospect’s history. We offer a full menu of background screening services, including:

  • Previous employment
  • Criminal record
  • Sex offender registry
  • Driving record
  • Professional affiliations
  • Education
  • Substance abuse
  • Homeland security

Don’t Risk It

Alliance Investigations utilizes the most advanced technology to efficiently run pre-employment background checks in Dallas and Arlington for all of your potential employees. Our incredibly fast and accurate staff screenings will improve hiring process at very competitive pricing.

Whether you’re a single person doing your due diligence in researching a potential mate, or a business owner with assets, employees and client relationships to protect, don’t risk it. Hire Alliance Investigations today for all of your background check needs.

Our Background Check Specialties

We specialize in employment background checks for colleges and universities as well as medium sized companies. In addition, our full service of employment screening ensure you hire the best. Some of the largest universities use our services for hiring.

If your organization hires 5 or 50,000 employees a year, Alliance Investigations will provide your employment background checks as well as any other pre-employment human resource requirements you require.

If employee background checks have been a headache in the past, let us handle everything for you in one convenient stop. We provide state of the art technology, reliable and accurate research, and full compliance with FCRA requirements.We provide a free comprehensive consultation to all prospective clients, so call us today.

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