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Worker's Compensation Investigating

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One of the necessary steps in a workers' compensation claim is investigating the claim, and Alliance Investigations, LLC provides experienced and efficient workers' compensation investigation services. Workers' compensation fraud is an unfortunate occurrence and hurts individuals who have legitimate claims for compensation.

Workers' Compensation Fraud Can Go Both Ways

At Alliance Investigations, our experience in such investigations allows us to determine whether a health care provider, employer, or the claimant himself has lied about certain facets of the case for monetary benefit. Fraud from the perspective of the employee does happen on occasion, but it's not uncommon for employers to engage in the same type of dishonesty.

A workers' compensation investigation is an important step as a defendant or plaintiff in a workers' compensation case, as well as during cases that occur outside the confines of the local court system. Lying and exaggeration can cause irreparable harm during a worker's compensation case, so it's essential to make sure everyone is telling the truth.

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How Does Workers' Compensation Fraud Occur?

The type of fraud perpetrated during a workers' compensation case can occur in a variety of ways and depends on whether it's the employee or the employer committing the fraud. Some of the signs that an employee is committing worker's compensation fraud include:

  • The injury occurred without any witnesses around.
  • The injury wasn't reported in a timely manner.
  • The injury didn't occur during work hours
  • The employee has a preexisting financial hardship
  • The employee has filed more than one worker's compensation claim
  • The injury occurred mysteriously at the same time the employee faced termination

An employee that exhibits any of these signs hasn't necessarily engaged in submitting a fraudulent claim; however, working with a private investigator in Dallas to confirm the employee's claims is a step any employer should consider. Investigating a claim doesn't mean you suspect fraud; investigating a claim is a smart way to conduct business.

Some of the issues that may indicate an employer has engaged in fraud during a workers’ compensation case include:

  • A valid claim was denied by the company
  • Disability checks aren’t issued or are very late
  • The employer didn’t cover workers with insurance
  • Employees who submit a claim are punished
  • The employer misclassifies workers as independent contractors

Any one of these behaviors could be an indication that an employer has been acting illegally in relation to its employees, and the assistance of a private investigator could help clarify whether the behaviors were intended and worth a claim or unintentional and something to be rectified between employer and employee.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a Costly Problem

Workers’ compensation fraud costs workers and employers millions of dollars each year. Employers may lose thousands of dollars each year because of fraudulent cases, and employees can find their future employment options harmed due to fraud. Alliance Investigations is your experienced Fort Worth and Dallas private investigator service.

Conducting a worker’s compensation investigation is a smart step if there is the suspicion of fraud in the case. Sometimes, fraudulent activities aren’t obvious, and it’s necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation of the people involved with the case.

If you’re an employee who is experiencing difficulty with your case or you’re an employer who suspects fraud in a worker’s compensation claim, contact Alliance Investigations, LLC. You’ll be updated every step of the way as your workers compensation investigation proceeds.

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