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When you need an experienced private investigation team, the professionals and licensed private investigators of Alliance Investigations will answer the questions you have about marital infidelity, worker’s compensation fraud, business surveillance, background checks, and a host of comprehensive private investigative services.

Whether you’re suspicious about a spouse’s infidelity or you need to run routine background checks for your new employees, we’re here to help with the experience and the privacy you require for any type of sensitive investigation. We’ll undertake traditional surveillance when you suspect infidelity, or we’ll conduct advanced research of records and histories to determine fraud.

Count on Our Private Investigation Services in Dallas

At Alliance Investigations, you’ll have access to a full suite of investigative services, as well as the assurance that you’ll be working with experienced investigators.

Here are our Dallas Private Investigation Services:

Are you unsure whether you need a licensed private investigator? We’re here to answer all your questions on investigations, as well as whether our services might offer a solution to your problem, issue, or question. Don’t let your suspicions cause you stress if you think your spouse is cheating. Let us perform an infidelity investigation. Don’t hire an employee without checking their background first. Let us perform criminal background checks for your business.

Do I Need a Licensed Private Investigator?

Deciding to perform an investigation on your own is certainly a choice you can make; however, you may find value in the opportunity to work with a licensed private investigator. Some investigations may result in an increase to stress levels when those investigations are performed without the assistance of a professional investigator.

For example, acting as your own infidelity investigator may cause you to experience even more stress than is necessary during the process. No one wants to find out that their spouse has cheated, but it’s much easier to take the news in a report from your private investigator than to conduct the investigation on your own with the surveillance, time commitment, and secrecy.

Likewise, an experienced investigator has probably already performed the type of investigation you need, so they will probably be able to complete the investigation in a much quicker manner and with less expense involved. You owe it to yourself to speak with Alliance Investigations to see what solutions may be available to you whether you’re looking at an infidelity investigation or you need to investigate a worker’s compensation claim.

Alliance Investigations: Confidential, Valuable, Experienced

If you live in Dallas and want to work with an experienced private investigator, Alliance Investigations is here to help. Our expertise runs the gamut of investigation services from tenant background checks to workers compensation investigations.

We’ll keep in touch with you every step of the way as our investigation proceeds, so you’ll always know where things stand. Please contact us for information about our services, as well as a consultation on your needs and how we can help. Call us for a free case review!

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