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Know the Person Sitting In Front of You

If you suspect you're being lied to about someone's identity or past it's imperative that you find out who they really are and if they're safe to have in your life.

In today’s society it’s vital that you know who you’re dealing with before you invest too much time or energy. It’s important to know a person’s criminal history before entering into a relationship. Alliance Investigations can perform an individual criminal history check that will let you know before it’s too late.

Run A Criminal Background Check

Alliance Investigations can run a criminal background check that will confirm your suspicions or let you breathe easy and enjoy your time together.

Before you introduce your new partner to your children, make sure that he’s not a registered sex offender. Let Alliance Investigations serving Arlington and all of DFW, do a comprehensive personal background check that checks personal criminal histories.

Background Checks for Relationships

Before you introduce your new boyfriend to your family, make sure he has a clean criminal history. Alliance Investigations will conduct a personal criminal background check that can eliminate the guessing and set your relationship on a positive path. Contact us today to learn more about our investigative services.

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