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Do you have a bad feeling about the person you’re dating? Are you worried about an employee you’re hiring? We hear these concerns all too often and want to help. Whether it’s a personal relationship or business-related, we put client’s worries to rest through our private investigative services in Colleyville.

Colleyville Private Investigators

Every case we take on is different and so is each client. We provide a unique approach to each case to ensure that we get the results we’re looking for. Clients come to us needing answers and that’s what we give them. Our Colleyville investigative services include:

Our services are confidential and performed by highly trained individuals with backgrounds in investigation. You can’t afford to waste time on someone who isn’t faithful to you or hire someone who lied on their resume. Learn the truth about those around you.

Why Hire Alliance Investigations?

Our founder and CEO is an expert in the field with decades of experience in surveillance, investigation, and more. Nothing beats personal experience and every member of our team has that. We keep you informed of our findings and communicate with you every step of the way. No one likes being left in the dark and we make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Let Our Colleyville Investigation Company Help You

Asking tough questions is what we do best. Sometimes the answers aren’t what you want, but you still need to know the truth. If you need an investigation company that will give you the truth and find answers to your questions, then get in touch with us.

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