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Alliance Investigations offers experienced background checks, private investigator services, and a variety of other investigative services to clients in Grapevine, as well as the surrounding communities. Whether you’re suspicious of a cheating spouse or you’re currently involved in a worker’s compensation claim, services from Alliance Investigations range from traditional private investigation to complex worker’s compensation investigations.

Deciding to initiate the services of a private investigator isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when the results of the investigation may show that a spouse did indeed cheat or that a person you wish to hire for a sensitive position lied on his or her application form. Conducting an investigation is the safe and prudent step to take when you want to find out the truth in a subtle and private manner.

Here are our Grapevine Private Investigation Services:

We’ll investigate anything that requires surveillance or in-depth research and which would benefit from the abilities of a licensed private investigator. Don’t try to follow your spouse around to catch him or her in the act. Don’t try to investigate claims of fraud on your own. Let us handle your investigation and get you the answers you need to make decisions for your future.

Why Hire a Grapevine Private Investigator?

Hiring a private investigator might make you think of a person sitting in a circumspect vehicle outside a house with a camera that has a long telephoto lens. While on-site surveillance may occur when someone hires a private investigator for a cheating spouse, today’s private investigations occur on many fronts and for many reasons.

For example, an employer may wish to confirm that each of his or her new hires is a trustworthy individual, and as a result, requests criminal background checks for employers who work with sensitive data or in certain high-risk industries. A criminal background check will require a mixture of old fashioned investigation techniques, as well as modern investigation of digital records.

Similarly, utilizing the services of a private investigator for suspicions of infidelity is just one facet of modern private investigative services. A private investigator can also handle tenant background checks, investigations into suspected criminal activity, and basic employee background checks.

Put simply, if you require information about someone, some thing, or an event, you may wish to inquire about the services of a private investigator in Forth Worth. If you’re unsure whether our investigative services can answer your questions, we offer a free case review. Don’t hold off requesting help from a licensed private investigator because you’re not sure if your concern merits an investigation.

Contact Alliance Investigations for More Information on Our Investigative Services

If you live or work in Grapevine and require an investigation for any reason, please contact us. We’ll ensure your new hire is the right choice, we’ll determine whether your spouse has engaged in an affair, or we’ll investigate a suspicious worker’s compensation claim.

We’re experienced investigators, and we keep you well informed throughout the process because we know how important it is to remain confidential and respectful of all parties involved. We’re here to help you get the answers you need.

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