Do Cell Phones Break-up Marriages?

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As a licensed private investigator, I receive a lot of calls concerning infidelity issues, either in a marriage or steady relationships. When a call comes in, the story almost always goes like this:

Can I get into my partner’s cell phone text messages? The answer is almost always NO!

Why are cell phones such a problem in relationships and what can be done to stop cheating spouses or partners from using the cell phone to carry on an affair?

The Use of A Cell Phone to Hide an Affair

The answer to “why are cell phones used so frequently to facilitate affairs?” is pretty straightforward. We are all attached to our cell phones and have them with us 24/7. We become attached to them to carry on legitimate business or personal business, but the convenience of being able to communicate with someone who has caught our interest is sometimes too much for some to pass up. The phone is there every time someone wants to communicate, either to make plans to meet later, or just flirt. Sexting and sending elicit photographs are as easy as pressing a button.

My clients tell me that their mates who are having affairs become very protective of their phone. Before cheating, they would leave their phone out in plain sight for anyone to see, but when the affair starts the cell phone suddenly became secretive and hidden.

Why can’t we get into the phone to check for infidelity?

Anyone who has been keeping up with the news lately has likely heard about the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to hack into a terrorist’s phone so they can obtain valuable intelligence about terror cells. Well if the FBI, with all of their resources and expertise, can’t hack into a cell phone, a normal citizen or Private Investigator certainly can’t do it. The other reason is that it’s almost always illegal. The same reason that the Government can’t eavesdrop on your conversations without a Warrant is why we as private citizens can’t do the same thing.

If you suspect a spouse of being unfaithful, you should notice some or all of the following activities:Locked Cellphone-Infidelity Investigative Services

  1. Is your spouse suddenly over protective of their cell phone?
  2. Do they place the phone with the screen face down when lying it down?
  3. Do they walk away to talk after receiving a phone call?
  4. Do they whisper when talking on the phone?
  5. Are they texting another person without you knowing the identity of the other person?
  6. Is there a substantial increase in the amount of texts they send or receive?
  7. Do they erase or delete texts and phone calls immediately?
  8. Do they refuse to share the password to their cell phone?

Notice any of these eight activities? Contact Alliance Investigations for infidelity investigative services here or by calling 214-886-1865.

The best advice for a couple to eliminate all worries about illicit cell phone activities is to share passwords on all cell phones. If your spouse or partner is reluctant to share his/her cell phone password, you might have problems in your marriage.