How Can a Private Investigator Bust a Cheating Spouse?

Few things are as devastating as the suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you. Whether they’ve abruptly changed their habits or you have a gut feeling, you deserve to know the truth behind your spouse’s actions.

In these circumstances, hiring a private investigator is the best way to determine whether your spouse is unfaithful. Solid proof can put your worried mind at ease or help you decide your next course of action.

Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating

There are several things to watch for if you suspect your spouse is being deceitful. While some signs are blatant, others might not be so obvious. Following are some common signs your spouse might be having an affair.

  • Your spouse has started caring more about their appearance
  • They have become very secretive over cell phone or computer use
  • You notice they are suddenly hostile towards you.
  • Your spouse becomes unreachable and never answers your calls
  • They are no longer interested in sex or want to have sex more often
  • Their schedule has suddenly changed with little explanation
  • You notice frequent cash withdrawals or charges on the credit card
  • They seem as though their mind is always elsewhere


If you notice your spouse displaying these signs, you should hire a private investigator. They can give you definitive proof of whether or not your suspicions are correct so you can decide what to do.

Modes of Surveillance Private Investigators Use

There are several tools private investigators use when gathering evidence of infidelity. It’s essential to use various methods to create a total picture of the subject’s actions throughout the process. Investigators use a combination of experience and technology to give definitive proof of whether or not infidelity is occurring within your relationship.

Online Investigation

Many private investigators start their cases by gathering as much information as possible on their subjects online. They can dig deep into their social media profiles and use a reverse photo search to see where their subject’s photos appear online. They gather information about their lifestyle, habits, and possible whereabouts.

Following the Target

Blending in with traffic is a tactical way to catch a suspected cheater in the act. While staying covert may be impossible for the partner who suspects their partner is cheating, an experienced private investigator knows how to blend into the area seamlessly. By driving a nondescript vehicle, they can remain anonymous as they gather relative information regarding their target’s activities.

Mobile Surveillance Tactics

For several reasons, investigators use mobile surveillance tactics to build their cases for their clients. First, the investigator can follow the target and keep a comprehensive dossier of their location, length of stay, and who may have accompanied them.

They can then provide their client with video and photographic evidence of their activities throughout the case.

Static Surveillance Techniques

Often, affairs occur in a few specified locations. If there is a place you suspect the infidelity is happening, an investigator can discreetly monitor that location. They can gather information regarding when the subject arrives and possible accomplices. They will also provide video and photographic evidence to support their findings.

GPS and Technical Surveillance

If the owner consents, an investigator can place a GPS tracking device on the vehicle driven by the subject. These devices monitor the vehicle’s location throughout the day and are easily placed on any car discreetly. In addition, technical surveillance techniques are helpful for discretely listening into conversations in specified areas.

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