Top 5 (Not So Subtle) Signs of a Cheating Husband or Wife

Signs of a Cheating Husband or Wife

Most people know that long hours at work, fashion shifts, and extreme changes in finances are red flags that something could be wrong in a marriage.

While the obvious signs of infidelity you may find in the latest gossip rag may be present, there are several other in-your-face signs of a cheating spouse that can fly under the radar.

Let’s examine 5 “subtle” signs of infidelity that could lead you towards infidelity investigations services from Alliance.

They Accuse You of Cheating

If your spouse constantly questions little things you do and uses your actions as a reason to accuse you of cheating, this could be a reflection of their own infidelity. In some situations, cheating happens because a person simply worries their spouse may be capable of cheating.

So, they’ll make the first move to avoid getting hurt themselves.

Increased Sex Drive

An active sex life is a great quality in a marriage. However, if your love life dwindled down over the years, and suddenly, your spouse has an increased sex drive coupled with a new set of moves, this is a red flag of infidelity.

While it’s possible they may just be eager to reignite the romantic spark if more sexual activity comes with some of the obvious signs of an affair, your new routine could require the help of a private investigator.

On the other side of the coin, if your bedroom suddenly becomes barren and your spouse avoids sex or never reaches their climax, this difficulty could be a sign that they’re getting their excitement somewhere else.

Talk About Cheating “Friends”

Sometimes cheaters like to hear themselves talk about their conquests. So, they’ll talk to their spouses about a “friend’s” affair. If your husband or wife starts to talk about new friends and asks questions like “what would you do in that situation?” This could be a sign they are the friend having extramarital activities.

Recent Hyper-Criticisms

We often hear stories about cheating spouses who were hyper-critical about their partner before the truth came out.

This type of behavior is common when a cheater is looking for reasons to justify their actions. If your spouse suddenly begins to let any little issue become a massive fight, it may be time to start looking into their extracurricular activities.

Password All-Access

Habitual cheaters know that being secretive with mobile devices and emails will eventually rouse suspicions. So, they’ll become extremely open about their passwords and share information about their texts, messages, and email accounts. ‘

If this transparency is new in your marriage, it’s a sign that your spouse has found other ways to hide their correspondence with a new partner and is trying to throw you off of the scent.

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