Why Hire a Private Investigator for Executive Background Screenings?

Person Conducting Corporate Background Check

When looking for leadership in your business, you want to be sure you are hiring the very best candidate for the position. After all, corporate and high-level hires represent the best of your company to the outside world.

Business transactions are made, and these executives work or break deals. They often deal with your corporation’s finances and must also be well aware of federal and state laws when they pertain to your business.

You invest time and energy into training this candidate.  It is only logical to want an executive background screening on that person.

What is the Risk of Not Performing a Background Check?

If you skip a detailed background check, you are taking a gamble with your company.  Executive management stands at the controls, hopefully steering a company towards accomplishment.

Failing to obtain a background check means it could be years before you uncover someone isn’t who they claimed to be on paper. By that time, it could be too late and your business could already be in some very dire circumstances.

Benefits of a High-Level Corporation Background Check

There are several major reasons to conduct a background check; many of which could impact the long-term success of your new hire at your business.

Background Checks Can Weed Out the Honest From the Dishonest

Investors and board members need the reassurance that they are putting this investment into the hands of the right people. But why would anyone at that level lie about their background?

As creatures in a crazy world, we always want to place our best foot forward, so it is human nature to try to present the best possible version of ourselves. But is the best always the “real deal?” Embellishment is part of the resume quite often.

Without a background check, actual liars have a way of getting into great job opportunities then out of tough spots when they have failed or caused losses.

Background checks provide you with more than just an employment history. They can go into a person’s criminal record, offer you valuable contacts they may have conveniently left off the resume, and give you a clear picture of who you’re hiring to help your organization.

Background Checks Keep Your Name Out of the News

Background checks are valuable.  They help to protect an organization’s reputation. No company wants to hear their name on the local or national news associated with fraudulent activity or an employee with legal issues.

An executive screening increases applicant quality and demonstrates a deep commitment to avoiding deception to board members. Illegal pursuits will be discovered if they exist, keeping legal expenses down in the long term.

Past Finances Could Reflect Your Future

An applicant’s personal financial history can be a clue to any issues of concern, including FICO score, bankruptcy, and financial legal actions.

Overall business expenses are protected by thorough corporate and high-level management background screenings. Basically, quality employees increase company profitability.

How Can an Alliance Investigations, LLC Help Your Next Corporate Venture?

Alliance Investigations of Arlington, Texas is a highly credentialed investigative organization specializing in executive background screenings.

Our experienced team of private investigators will direct a confidential and complex background check to ensure that any crucial information will be turned up promptly.

We will begin with a thorough check of background information such as:

  • Previous employment
  • Education
  • Driving record
  • Social media activity
  • Criminal background
  • Financial background

Homeland security and professional affiliations will be studied to discover any conflicts of interest or suspicious activity. Alliance will check on all elements from the local and national levels. If there are questionable finds in the background check, you can eliminate that candidate or continue to investigate using our investigators.

Learn More About Your Next Hire with Alliance Investigations

A pre-employment, corporate or executive background check can be the difference between hiring a nightmare, a simply sufficient, or a spectacular fit for your company. A review of commercial, criminal, personal, and financial records will protect your company and your investors.

Alliance Investigation is an experienced company that can answer all your questions regarding a potential executive hire, allowing you to trust this person with their role in the company.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation!